GOSH!!! I’m 24- WHO AM I?

All I remember being told was that I was born on the first day of August of the year 1987, though the curious part of me has never bothered to find out about what the state of the weather was at that time, or what time of the day or night it was, but I sure have faint memories of the early times. I remember growing up in Ijebu-Ode, when I would ride on the neck of my dad into the markets to buy plastic balls, toy lorries and the likes. Interesting times it was when we rode in the wooden lorry that served as school bus, to and fro Mabunmi International School. All of a sudden, I observed that the environment had changed, I could not understand how many hours we had traveled to get to our new location, but I was told that we were now in Lagos and that was all I knew, or what did my young mind at that time know about travelling or a new house.

Block 57 flat 3, LSDPC Housing estate was the new address we would come to know as home and there it was that I knew what It meant to develop friendships as it was great fun living around friends that we’ve stuck together for so long ( the Adesoyes, Ojeniyis, Fajemirokuns, etc), I learnt how to grow into a family adapting to the culture shock that welcomed the arrival of my younger brother, characterized by a sharp decline in the number of times I spent on dad’s neck, or the swiftness or attention that my cry would elicit. The nights of vigil at “Pastor’s (one of our neighbors) house” where all I did there was sleep, while wondering why they had to punish me to deprive me of my sleep for that night. The Apostolic Church, Ifako Assembly was also a contributor to the joys that childhood brought, all the songs at Sunday school, the film shows of Jesus of Nazareth and the likes. It sure could not have been complete without a mention of “Super ted”, “Doctor Who”, “Tele-match” and all other remarkable TV programs that we wouldalways watch, all the drawing books and crayons that I used up, the writing books, the dreadful multiplication tables and then the complexities that mathematics grew to become, from “simple addition and subtraction”, to “long division and Multiplication”.

Moving from Estate as we would love to call it then was a painful move as I had to leave behind all my friends, the church later and the congeniality that I had come to enjoy. The first shock that I had to adapt to was my new primary school. I who had been the recipient of an award for 1st position and 3rd on the block in Flora Nursery and Primary School, would come to Providence Nursery and Primary School to take a terrible 27th position. This was a bitter pill to swallow and I sure dealt with it in the little way that I could as a child, but not without getting better and taking a comfortable seat in 3rd position for the remaining 3 sessions that I was to spend there.

Fast forward all that to now, and that would sure be a good peep into my growing up years, though it did not encapsulate the molding days experienced in FGC Lagos, which served as a refiner’s fire, taking away every ounce of childishness in me and toughening up my heart. I lived as a “Ju-man” in school then, but I know for sure that those 6 bitter-sweet years in the hostels of that school was more of a military experience than it was of an academic experience, as I would always ask my colleagues from there , that “ What didn’t we learn in I.J”.

It’s of FATHER’s mercies that i have not been consumed

I’ve taken a peak at the past 23 years of my life, not to bore anyone with stories and old wives fables, but just to use it as a medium to thank God for all that he has taken me through in the short while that I’ve been opportuned to stay on earth. God has been faithful I must confess. His faithfulness to me and my family has been AWESOME. MEN!!! We’ve lived accident free, death free, robbery free, debt free and favor full through my days on this earth. He chose to take me to a land called OAU, in the course of my life and it sure had been the most remarkable point of my life, through the beautiful scenery of the campus landscape, the rigorous schedule of the Academic calendar, the radical intellectualism of the occupants, the amazing programs on campus and most of all to the glorious fellowship of his saints. All this I tasted of in 6 years and what it has made of me is “ROUNDEDNESS”.

YESSS!!! I’m 24 and it doesn’t look anywhere near the place I thought I would be 8 years ago when I finished secondary school at 15+ (As I always liked to put it). Oh, yes, I’ve lived through times when I was so down that nothing seemed to make sense, but I sure see things differently now, there were even times when all I had on me was 5 naira, but there were sure also times when my account burst with hundreds of thousands, and I definitely know the million dollar rain is around the corner. I’ve been sick before, but it’s been 2 years now without any sickness, I’ve failed before, OH!!! How I failed, but all that is in the past now, as one thing I sure am doing is loving each day of my life, adoring the God of my Salvation and manifesting to the people of my generation.

Who am I was the question that I asked, who are you not is the response the spirit gave; I am ADEBIYI Oluseyi Akano, the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, the Apple of his Eyes, who nothing can go wrong with, a mighty weapon in the hand of the father, a lover of my God and above all a manifesting Son of the Kingdom.

WOW!!! I am HIS, HE’s in ME and I am in HIM. HALLELUYAH.

3 thoughts on “GOSH!!! I’m 24- WHO AM I?

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  1. Bros, you bring tears of joy to my eyes… I pray that your love for God will never diminish, but wax stronger and stronger to the glory of his name. Remain blessed, till the opportuned time when we’ll all come together to change the future of Nigeria; definitely seeing you at the top!

  2. akintunde, thanks for the comment. We all are the great treasures that God has placed in these nation to bring about the desired change. celebrate your exploits too Bro. keep living the great aalife.

  3. akintunde, thanks for the comment. We all are the great treasures that God has placed in these nation to bring about the desired change. celebrate your exploits too Bro. keep living the great aalife..

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