It’s been a while

Wow! It’s been almost 2 years since I last posted any content on this blog. Disappointing record I must say; my first ever post also being the only post in 2 years. I remember how excited I felt when I made concrete my plans to have a personal blog. Writing out my first and only post then, I had envisioned how my blog would thrive with content updated on a regular basis. This has however not been the case, as I have moved from losing my writing inspiration, to been too busy to put anything down. I make no excuses for myself over this and I hope to make up for this.

As a prelude to uploading fresh content, I have decided to at least pull out content from my Facebook notes, which have continued to be a good source of inspiration to me. These are write-ups which age between3-4 years, but just like every other work of art, continued to remain ever-green.

For everyone that visits, please feel free to drop comments, while you keep wait for the new posts as I continue to endeavour to pen down fresh contents. Welcome and hope you enjoy your trip

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