Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity”


Often times, I stand back in awe, gazing at birds as they return from the day’s exploits. I see them in mass and I remember that was the same way they set out at dawn and are just following suit at dusk. Ordinarily, one would think it’s just a showboating exercise by the birds, but analysis and research works have shown that there is a greater ease of flight derived from their joint flight, compared to attempting a solo effort. It further states that for every of such flights, there are always leaders, who rotate their positions as the occasion demands; no one bird leads the pack all the way and there is no battle over who leads or who does not lead.


As humans, generations of warring species, battling genus and overbearing mammals has shown how much of disunity the world we are in today experiences. Stories are often told of brothers killing brothers over parcels of land, sisters fighting over a particular guy’s attention and men and women jostling for a position above or preferred than the next person.

This scenario is not just restricted to the “WORLD”, but even to us who claim to be of the “WORD.” We at every given opportunity stand to point out reasons why our Church denomination, doctrines and statutes are much better than the next church; how in our church we don’t allow TROUSERS, EAR-RINGS,UNCOVERED HEADS,INSTRUMENTS, e.t.c, standing to defend it to our very last blood, forgetting the word in Psalm 133 that says- “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity.


UNITY; a place of our greatest strength lying in our weakest link, where “WE ALL” would do things together (Break bread together, Hold Hands together, Behold HIS Glory together and experience his Spirit together like in the Upper-Room). All this we fail to do because we are not united and so do not have a SAME MIND and SAME JUDGEMENT.


However, it is never too late to get back to that place, if we try first to unite with God as individuals and then with our fellow brethren, remembering the encounter of the apostles at the upper room, where THEY WERE ALL IN ONE ACCORD, receiving the Spirit of God. We are therefore encouraged to close up the spores and keep the ranks, for it is with this that we shall be one.

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