A couple of years ago, I was born.

Into this spherical earth,

I was planted.


On getting to earth,

I searched for the continent

I would love to dwell


At a first glance,

I dismissed Europe: It’s going to be too cold

Asia? –No, it’s prone to too many natural disasters

Australia?- No, it’s a polar region

The Americas?- No, not my kind of place.


There is no point thinking of staying on earth,

Was the thought that crept in my mind,

In the midst of my debacle,

Why not take a second look I said,

And then another planet I saw,

Staring right at me.


ALAS!! It was my dream continent: AFRICA

And into Africa I came,

Nigeria, my destination.


Over 20 years I’ve lived,

In this country Nigeria,

And the question I ask myself,

Is: “why did I choose Nigeria?”

Or rather;

“Where is the Nigeria I saw?”


However, my only consolation,

Lies in the fact that;

Nigeria is only on the required transition.

All other countries have had theirs

And Nigeria, is also having its own;


It’s a routine check,

And afterwards,

My Nigeria will be;

The Nigeria I saw from above.

WOW!! 2025, I can’t wait.


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