Life, Oh! Life

This Life into which I was birthed

With which I can be

And from which I’ll stop to be



Life Oh! Life

This life which brought me Naked

In which I Strive to Cloth

And from which I’ll leave unclothed



Life Oh! Life

This life into which I came dependent

In which I seek independence

And from which I’ll end dependent



Life! Is this a fair deal?

Where some are born poor,

Without any hope of survival,

While others have so much to use,

And a bright future they create



Life! What indeed are you?

My humble self that yearns,

At every opportunity to hold

To the little of life I’ve got

And yet don’t have as much to give



In my ponderings in solitude

I’ve come to understand,

That Life is Life,

When we Live Life,

As though there was no LIFE,

And Give LIFE as though we had it all

Then, can we get the Life in LIFE.

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