When A Woman Kneels

Hear the cock Crow

Even as the morning arrives,

And every human is helter and skelter

In search of the available fortune


A busy night indeed,

Even as the woman awakes,

Like everyone else,

She saw the night


But hers was a different kind of night.

A night like one too many

Where, all her eyes saw were flashes of sparks,

Not form the lightning that heralded the rain


But from the mighty fists of the husbands hand,

Even as he pummelled her, in quietness.

After it all ended,

She went back to her altar

On her knees she fell,

IN submission to God,

 Just like she always did,


But today, 

not just her knees kneeled,

But her heart did also kneel,

and BLED out.

Today was the Last she could bear.


 And for the sake of the kneeling heart,

God heard her Prayers

 — —- —– —– —–

 It’s been a decade already,

The man is the best ever,

Children much better and Life beautiful

All Because of Her Kneeling Heart.


As we all go through life’s journeys and get beaten by situations and circumstances, remember one thing for sure. If you choose to call on God in prayer, and perhaps decide to kneel in Piety, it’s not your bent kneels that shows your submission, but rather your KNEELING heart- Know that HE Is and He is a Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. So you may have been through trying times without anyone to arrest the situation, but it seems as though God has turned a deaf Ear, Keep at it and ensure that you don’t turn back at your TURNING POINT.

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