I really think I know my history

Or at least, I can comprehend it.

But is what I know,

Not just about Adam and Eve,

The first Man, how he fell,

And brought us into this mess,

The many blames we’ve placed.


But how much is there,

That I don’t know.

The depth of love you had,

When you made me as a man.

How much of you, that you wanted in us.

Yourself, in Glory, Honour and Power,

Placed in our earthen container.


Yes, we fell.

But you still loved us.

Again we fell,

But the deeper you loved us.

The many wars that were waged,

In heaven above,

For man on earth below.


The greater sacrifice you made;

A Son so Holy, so Righteous, so Beautiful,

So Mighty, So Great …,

Oh! So much of everything he was,

And so much of everything he had.

Him you sent,

For the wrongs of our sin.


In this sacrifice, you gave me ETERNITY

Oh! Eternal Life-

“That I may know YOU, the only true God and Jesus,

Whom thou hast sent”

So much you placed in it, 

Divinity in all ramifications,

Health, Finance, Life,

A prosperity based on your divinity in me,

A divine human you made me


With only one request,

You did ask this;

That I should LIVE to worship you.

Oh! I Worship you God.

You’re worthy of my fellowship.

All the days of my Life,

It’s WORSHIP I give.


My Tongue worships you

My Eyes worship you

My Hands worship you

My Toes worship you

My Feet worships you

My Fingers worship you

My Hair worships you

Lord, All you’ve given,

Is what I’ll worship you with

Oh … Lord…


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