Random Bus Musings

A few days back while journeying home in a public bus, after a tiring work day, I thought to pass time typing-out a few lines of thoughts on my mobile phone. Below is what I wrote. I’ve termed it Random Bus Musings. I pray it blesses a soul…


Somedays we go through life,

Looking forward to the next second,

The next minute, the next hour

The next day, the next week,

The next month, or even the next year

At that point, we’ve perhaps undertook an endeavour,

For which we dread its outcome;

Sometimes a test, other times an examination

Sometimes a conversation, other times a transaction

We dread the outcome and so fast-forward our minds past this occurrence


We try to create another picture,

With the previous occurrence well deleted, as though it never occurred

Hoping somewhere along the line that it was only just a dream

In the midst of this broodings we oftentimes lose ourselves;

We are in such regret of our past deed that we want to hurry into a future without its consequence, in the process being absent from Today


The truth however is Today is really what matters;

The past is gone and the future is just some sunrises away from being another “Today”

Scripture reminds us; “Cast your burden upon me, for I care for you”

Another version of that scripture says; “Give your burdens a body slam at the feet of Jesus”

Yes! That worrying past whose outcome you dread in the future, give it a body slam and walk away from it like it never occurred

That exam that didn’t go well, give it a body slam

That relationship that turned awry, give it a body slam



… Walk away, living in the beauties of today, knowing that Christ has got you covered and it’ll turn out right without you worrying

And while living in today, enjoy every minute, repeat not the mistakes of the past, but keep walking, keep pushing and keep climbing, unto perfection

But, just in case there’s another occurrence that threatens your joy in that future, well… you know what to do.

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