As I Take A Bow

  " One of the things I always had in mind during and after my NYSC was the thought of putting my experiences on paper. Almost everyday for a period of over 3 months, I have continued to pour out lines upon lines of thoughts, towards telling a compelling story. However, before letting the cat out of the bag, I have... Continue Reading →


If I were a Woman

  For a couple of days now, i've been curiously wondering how it would be like if i had been made in a different sex or perhaps had the opportunity of a sex change, how different i may or may not have turned out and this is perhaps a product of my ponderings. If I were a... Continue Reading →

I LIVE TO WORSHIP YOUI really think I know my historyOr at least, I can comprehend it.But is what I know,Not just about Adam and Eve,The first Man, how he fell,And brought us into this mess,The many blames we've placed. But how much is there,That I don't know.The depth of love you had,When you made me... Continue Reading →

When A Woman Kneels

Hear the cock CrowEven as the morning arrives,And every human is helter and skelterIn search of the available fortune A busy night indeed,Even as the woman awakes,Like everyone else,She saw the night But hers was a different kind of night.A night like one too manyWhere, all her eyes saw were flashes of sparks,Not form the lightning that... Continue Reading →


Life, Oh! LifeThis Life into which I was birthedWith which I can beAnd from which I’ll stop to be  Life Oh! LifeThis life which brought me NakedIn which I Strive to ClothAnd from which I’ll leave unclothed  Life Oh! LifeThis life into which I came dependentIn which I seek independenceAnd from which I’ll end dependent  Life! Is this... Continue Reading →


 A couple of years ago, I was born.Into this spherical earth,I was planted. On getting to earth,I searched for the continentI would love to dwell At a first glance,I dismissed Europe: It’s going to be too coldAsia? –No, it’s prone to too many natural disastersAustralia?- No, it’s a polar regionThe Americas?- No, not my kind of place. There... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Friendship

 All through my Life,I've had FriendsAnd friends have i hadMale and Female they've been Tall and short they wereDark and Fair they lookedRich and Poor they came. But in all this Friends,I've never seen a FRIEND as you;A Friend who will look me in the eyes,And speak frankly to me.A friend who will hold my hands,And teach... Continue Reading →


 "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity" Often times, I stand back in awe, gazing at birds as they return from the day's exploits. I see them in mass and I remember that was the same way they set out at dawn and are just following suit at... Continue Reading →

It’s been a while

Wow! It’s been almost 2 years since I last posted any content on this blog. Disappointing record I must say; my first ever post also being the only post in 2 years. I remember how excited I felt when I made concrete my plans to have a personal blog. Writing out my first and only... Continue Reading →

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